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Sunrise Group.

Our name tells a lot – illuminating rays of the brightest ideas. Sunrise Group is an innovative start-up event management service company which strives to deliver a high quality standard of various events and to add value for our prospective clients. We make a difference by partnering with our customers by offering an ideal event management solution.

Our Aim

Our main aim is to accomplish clientele needs and build a longer relationship with clients, making a pleasant journey right from organizing an event to finish, which makes us exceptionally strong. We bring every single event with unique ideas, conceptual designs and effective strategy matching the expectations of the customer.

Why Choose Us?

Sunrise Group understands the basic requirements of the clients such as; flawless service, high quality, cost-effective and to attract larger crowds. Therefore, we have the best team that can make your event special and memorable which can never be forgotten in your life.

  • Strong Coordinating Team
  • Consistency in Maintaining Standard Quality
  • Bringing New Ideas for Each and Every Event
  • Prioritizing Clientele Needs
  • Exceptional Performance

Reachable to People

We always work on ethos of the people and targeted audience. Be it Corporate Events, Product Launching, Wedding Events or Audio Concerts, we have a threshold of strongest team that set us apart from other event management companies in Bangalore. We also have a strong collaboration with Media Channels and Advertising agencies all over India.

Our Values

Easy Service

We provide end-to-end event management services; a one stop needs in one roof. We work closely with our clients in order to ensure common business objectives, open to ideas, brand identity and recognition.

Quality Work at Economical Cost in Time

At Sunrise Group, we measure success in total trust, quality, commitment and coordinated team effort, timeline and budget, which gives a meaningful message to the clients and to yield remarkable performance.

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