Our Team

The Sunrise Group is passionate, dedicated and coordinated with the spirit of result driven approach and commitment towards the work. Each of our team members is rounded with skills and talents which are very useful for our event organization as well as our trusted clients.

We highly encourage different set of opinions from our team members to set a common objectives and goals for productive results.

How we work

Sunrise Group began with a common approach with an innovative and creative mindset.Our event management company understands different prospective of handling clients and working with them closely by understanding their needs and requirements that can spark ideas to make events event more memorable.


We give importance to enduring results and to make it possible we give importance to integrating planning. We apply our thoughts and fresh ideas to give the best quality services. Since we are talking about quality services, our event management team clearly understands the interaction.


We create an event that meets your expectations by delivering with enjoyable and effective outcome by our event planning strategy. To find out the reason why we want to part with Sunrise Group.

Knowledge Power

Powered by innovative ideas, fresh concepts and expertise skills, we have ways to achieve your objectives that helps to achieve your goals.


In order to produce intangible services for the events to be successful, our team is very well trained to handle technical elements of the event from the initial phase to completion phase.

Sunrise Group always believes in commitment, honesty and integrity which are incorporated in our work.

Our Strength

Our team consists of marketing coordinators, event handlers, researchers, admin and financial professionals. We have a group of highly professional team who are engaged in diverse roles and responsibilities across various fields in order to bring quality services.

  • Efficient Workforce
  • Timely Delivery
  • Hospitality management
  • Handling with Great
  • Keeping the goal in mind
  • Open to ideas of others
  • Listening and sharing information
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