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“Branding can be achieved by sparkling innovative ideas.”

Sunrise Group is an expertise event organizing company in Bangalore knows how important your event is, whether to launch a product or services, branding or launching new projects. We have wide range of services which includes everything that matters the most. Advertisement of events is the most crucial one with covers all the aspects of your event.

We have a set of integrated advertisement and marketing team who are able to create an impact that attracts larger crowd to know more about your event, deals with marketing communication channel both online and offline that makes your brand even more popular.

Building On Branding and Advertising

Sunrise Group event management team works for giving productive results for the events to happen. We have experienced marketing, branding and advertising team made up of collective approach by flexible planning and execution. We focus on building long term partnerships that help meaningful results.

Our event organizing company understands the values of clientele expectations, brand,attributes and competition in the market and we work and plan effectively on essential requirements. We have different strategies for both Online and Offline advertising campaigns, promotional campaigns and marketing your event even more popular.

Offline/Online Advertising

We understand clientele needs and expectation and therefore we are here to provide end-to-end marketing strategies that can add value to the customer needs.

Our advertising team has exposure to the online world and know each and every strategy that builds up to target your potential customers.We know how important your brand or service is and we utilize every resource of online marketing using different strategies that can make your brand recognized to drive more loyal customers.

Print Marketing

" We make sure your ad is reached to every door step through our own newspaper agency "

When it comes to marketing of your product or brand, we cover every angle of marketing and advertising of your company’s products. We provide advertisement of your products in newspapers, magazines, banners and brochure to broadcast to larger crowds.

Catalogue is yet another form of print media marketing that grabs the attention of the crowd.

Customized Signage and Banners

Signage boards and banner ads are the attention seeker to attract your prospectivecustomers. We create an offline campaigning by placing your products or services on signage boards and banners to drive more people. Banners are one of the ways to alert audience.

Flyers are also one of the offline marketing tactics that has high visibility.Marketing or advertising is very essential for a business. Either you work online or offline, run a business online or offline, advertising is a must. Our Sunrise Group offline marketing team put every possible effort to create a greater impact of your event to take place effectively.

Offline Marketing

Marketing your product or brand is very important, whether you promote online or offline. Offline branding is equally important as Offline advertising campaign. It is a time saving strategy as it directly conveys the message to public audience.

Social Media Campaigning

A social media campaign is one of the best sources of online marketing strategy. Through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., promote your products right from building your brand to sales.

Email Marketing Campaigns To Increase Attendees

Our online marketing team effectively stage a strategy of using email marketing campaignsto target larger set of audience. We design and use templates to create subscribers for the users, invitations, to drive more sales.

Video Campaigns

Video Campaigns such as YouTube Ads where you can place an Ad for your event, product or services.

Sunrise Group advertising services understand the importance of creating brand awareness and brand loyalty for your company that is why we count a lot of our work.


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