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Facility Management Services

The Sunrise Group is dedicated to the task of providing excellent facility management services to you. That is why the very best organizations across India entrust us with running their day to day operations by providing the best facilities for them. Our team is highly skilled and can work round the clock, if required for making your environment conducive for your core functions along with keeping it absolutely safe and secure. The cost incurred for managing the facilities happens to be most competitive too making The Sunrise Group stand apart as the preferred company that offers superb facilities management services regardless of the industry of its client companies.

Our team is fully professional and totally dedicated to the task in hand. It often takes on the role of its client in order to create as well as maintain the facilities required for efficient functioning of your company. Each of our team members are experts in their own fields and will call upon their expertise along with the knowledge of your industry to deliver the best facility management for your company that also makes use of the latest technologies in order to make your work considerably easier.

All the Sunrise Group needs is your valuable input and the requirements you have in mind. Understanding your goals and strategies will definitely help us to take the right decisions vis-à- vis facility management for you company. You will surely be pleased to see a boost in your company’s efficiency after Sunrise Group begins to manage your facilities.

We are prepared for all eventualities and our facility management services are varied and exhaustive. You are welcome to check out the list below in order to get an idea about how we can help you.

Our facility management services include:-

ï‚· Housekeeping Services

ï‚· Janitor Services

ï‚· Staff management

ï‚· Vendor Handling

ï‚· Hospitality Services

ï‚· Catering Services

ï‚· Health & Safety Services

ï‚· Environment Preservation

ï‚· Security Services

ï‚· Front Desk Management

ï‚· Critical Systems Management

ï‚· Business Support Services

ï‚· Budget & Finance Management

ï‚· Consultancy Services.

ï‚· Manpower Provider

ï‚· Labour Contract Service

The list is not limited to the services mentioned though and you are welcome to contact us should you require additional services.


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Facility Management Services
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